Going Online for Christmas Presents

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Or so we’re told. But personally speaking, two things need to happen before I can really kick back and enjoy the Christmas period. First of all, I need to finish at work. Until such time as I can walk out the office knowing I don’t have to return for a week or so, I’m still not in Christmas mode. And secondly, I can’t completely relax until I’ve got my Christmas presents sorted out. For so long as I’ve still got to buy Christmas gifts, my brain won’t allow me to chill out. To many (mainly girls), this may be a mentality they don’t recognise in guys, and I openly admit I’m probably not typical of the chaps who blitz their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I just can’t take it easy until I know I’ve got everything in control.

In more recent years, of course, it’s meant the internet has been nothing short of a godsend. To put it into a biblical perspective, It’s like the retailer is the stable and the internet is the star guiding me and my gold to the promised land. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the online shopping is my saviour. Yes, I still have to brave a shopping centre in December, but thanks to the ‘net I can seriously reduce the amount I have to buy on the high street. So instead of spending a day in purgatory, slowly plodding around behind a fat family laden with Christmas presents and pasties, I can quickly and efficiently identify the Christmas gifts I want from the comfort of a sofa. A wiggle of my mouse here, a few clicks there and some credit card details thrown in for good measure, and voila – Christmas presents sorted.

In short, the only thing that sometimes gets frustrating is trying to think of nice surprises for everyone. After all, buying Christmas presents off a list is pretty fail-proof, but unless it includes stuff the recipient is desperate for, it’s not going to set the world alight either. On this basis, why not give some thought to personalised Christmas gifts? As you’ll have probably guessed, you can buy these online, so the personalisation process is completely automated and as easy as 1 2 3. The range of Christmas presents is also impressive, with everything from children’s storybooks to football books that typically feature a century of your chosen club’s action, as reported in the Mirror. Other ideas include engraved gifts and original newspapers – the latter of which are as old as the date on their cover.