How to prepare for a tasting interview

If you are looking to enhance your career opportunities as a chef simply wearing your kitchen shirt or chef coat and hat won’t be enough! You need to try out for newer and better options, and when doing this, remember that tasting interviews are an important part of the hiring process. They give employers a chance to see how you handle stress and pressure, as well as determine your knowledge in food preparation and ingredients.

-Arrive early to the interview. Keep in mind that you will be cooking for your interviewer, so it is important to show up on time and with a clean uniform and bib apron, as well as equipment if possible.

-Be prepared with an assortment of recipes; this may sound obvious but some people get nervous and forgetful which leads them to forget what they came prepared for.

-Be prepared to answer some questions. Expect a lot of them, and be knowledgeable in your responses even if you are not asked about it specifically. If the interviewer asks for an example that relates to food preparation, then provide one that is related and does not leave them wondering or without any information on what you just said.

-Stay calm; this can be difficult because there will most likely be other people interviewing at the same time as well adding to the pressure of the situation, but try your best to stay focused and collected throughout the interview so they do not feel like their work and time was wasted when going into it with someone who seems stressed out from being nervous beforehand. It’s ok to get butterflies before starting anything new! Just remember why you are there and go in with a positive attitude.

-Prepare ahead of time by reading up on what the company is looking for, go through any questions they may have asked, and do some research about the people you will be meeting with beforehand, so it’s not awkward when meeting them face to face or if their names escape from your memory. This also gives you a chance to see where it would be best for you as an individual to work and get excited about being able to work there! It can help alleviate anxiety during interviews.