Silver Bar Bullion – Protection From a Clear and Present Danger

The key to surviving the upcoming inflation/hyperinflation that will crash the whole world financial system is in buying gold coins and silver bullion bars. Simply because silver has often been referred to as ‘poor man’s gold’ ought to be no deterrent. This is because silver is highly likely to actually return better than gold as, for the first time in history, it is in fact less available than gold.

Provided you are able to get hold of silver bars for sale from a reputable refiner, then all you will really have to do is just sit back and look forward for its value to soar. One expert said recently that $100 per oz is a ‘no-brainer’ for silver and it will in actual fact be cheap at that price. Silver will be a strong investment decision for these reasons:

Manufacturing Uses: The reason silver has really compelling prospects to escalate in price and therefore safeguard your wealth is that it has numerous industrial uses. Industry alone requires 156% of all new silver produced: it is the single optimal conductor of electricity and heat and utilised in almost everything from iPods and mobile phones to solar panels, mirrors, microscopes, and telescopes. In reality, about a third of all the silver on this planet is still used in photography.

Genuine Form of Money: Silver, by contrast to stock or paper currency, can in no way become worthless since like gold, it is the ultimate form of tangible wealth. In all races and throughout all of recorded history, Gold and Silver have been wealth, stability, and irrefutable riches. “Get gold, humanely if you can, but by all hazards, get gold.” – King Ferdinand, 1511 A.D

Historical Evidence: When Franklin Roosevelt made it illegal to possess your own gold back in 1933, investors looked to silver and sent it soaring for gains of 488%. In the same way, over the last 12 months, while gold peaked at 38%, silver escalated double that for gains of 86%.

Increasing Value Ratio to Gold: Interestingly, about 75% of the silver produced right now is mined with other metals like copper, lead, zinc and gold. Traditionally, gold has consistently sold for sixteen times the purchase price of silver even in volatile markets. Currently, the ratio is nearer to gold being sixty-three times the price of silver. Therefore, with gold hovering around just $1,200 per ounce, silver possibly will soar by as much as 332% more than where it is right today. Forbes magazine and many other experts suggest gold heading to $2000 which in the present ratio means silver gains as high as 620%!

Commodities expert, Jim Rogers says “The US dollar is a terribly, terribly flawed currency.” So, owning physical forms of precious commodities like gold and silver offers you a safe-haven against the failure of paper currency. Buy silver bars or any form of silver bullion for sale to protect your savings, your wealth, your property and your family unit from the crash which is bound to occur.