The Ever Present Moment

Try sitting alone in a room quietly becoming aware of your body and your breathing. Become also aware of your mind and the thoughts that are there. Become aware now of the room you are in, aware of whatever sounds are in the room; the refrigerator humming, the furnace running, the clock ticking, what ever sounds are in the room, become aware of them. While still being aware of your body, the noises within it, your breathing, your mind and the thoughts that are there, and being aware of the room you are in and the noises in it, become now aware also of the noises outside the room; cars driving by, playground noises, a fire engine in the distant, a plane flying overhead, whatever the noises are there, become aware of these as well.

When you are aware of all these things; your body, your mind, the room you are in and the things outside the room, you are in the present moment. You are here and now in the ever present moment.

But the problem is that most can not stay in the present moment for very long before getting sucked up into the dream stuff of thinking, forgetting to be aware of the present moment. Sitting still is something that most avoid like the plague, it’s too scary or painful. Most flee from it into distraction from it.

Escaping from reality, from the present moment, can be anything that helps us forget to remember to be in the present moment. Distraction helps us forget to be aware of our body, our mind and thoughts, of being aware that we are in a room and that the room is in the world surrounding it. Anything can be employed to distract us from the reality of the here and now. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll can do it. Books, movies, music can do it. Relationships of all kinds can do it. Staring at and fixating upon a speck of dust can do it. Almost anything can be employed to help us retreat from awareness of the present back into our thought-stream and lose awareness of the present moment.

Most human beings will never find the still small voice within that comes from learning to sit still quietly in a room, stilling the mind and learning to cultivate communion with Reality. Many will never discover the incredible existence that comes into being if they would learn to detach from their thoughts and from all the distractions from the Present Moment. Many are too afraid of the initial pain that detachment from their dream world brings and will never go on to discover what is on the other side of that initial pain; a marvelous world of blessings and abundance.